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When you own a business, certain things are a given. You want to make money, you want to attract new customers, and you want repeat business. One of the things that can help you with that is signs. There are many types of signs that you can use to improve your place of business. One in particular packs a high-impact punch, and that is three-dimensional-illuminated channel letter signs.
These signs are made to use LEDs, which is a smart move because not only do LEDs last longer, but they also use less energy. This combination means your electric bill will not pay the price for the improvement to your space.
Illuminated three-dimensional channel letter signs can be used on stand-alone buildings or buildings that are part of a strip mall. They do not have to stand against a wall, you can place them on a marquee or on top of a building. They can be used in a rural setting or on a downtown city street. They are attractive and they stand out, but best of all, anytime after sundown, your business is still easily found and accessible to customers.
Illuminated three-dimensional channel letter signs help to bring in business. When a customer is searching for a store or restaurant, they are more likely to head somewhere else that looks good if they have difficulty finding the first place. Having a well-lit storefront ensures that the customers who want to find you, will find you.
These types of signs can be matched to your existing décor. We use color-matching technology and our expertise to get the illuminated three-dimensional channel letters to exactly match your existing logo, font, and your chosen colors. This way, there is no doubt to customers that you are the real deal.
Plus, when you have a bright sign, you often see an increase in interest from foot or drive-by traffic, which can lead to an upswing in business.
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