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ADA Signs: Code Required Signs for Effective Businesses
In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed to protect the rights of those with handicaps in a public setting. With so much information relayed through signage, it was integral to ensure that the signs were legible by all types of people, including those that were blind and in wheelchairs.

While they may not be mandatory all throughout Canada, they are still important to have for businesses that want to prove they are inclusive, welcoming, and ready to foster a happy and safe environment for all. You may even gain some trust in the community by installing this signage. People may tell their family and friends, and you’ll have a larger customer base all because you took the extra step to make people feel welcome.

ADA-compliant signs are used to identify specific spaces, certain rooms, and other parts of your establishment for those who have a disability. ADA-compliant signage regulations include visual characters, pictograms, tactile characters, braille dots, and much more.

Pure Image Signs & Graphics is your leading Vancouver sign company with a proven track record serving businesses in the British Columbia area. From interior and exterior signage, to vehicle lettering and graphics, to designing and installing custom ADA signs, we can do it all.

Whether your Vancouver business needs interior signage or customized ADA signage, we have an experienced and dedicated team to provide you with the latest signage designs and materials.

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What Types of Signs are ADA?
ADA signs is a label attached to signs that relay regulatory, informative, and specific messages using specifications that are in place. This affects the:

Despite the need for a prescribed package of details for these custom signs, you are still afforded customization options to make your package as cohesive with your brand and building décor as possible. These options include

Channel Letter Outdoor Sign for Forum in Vancouver
ADA Bathroom/Restroom Signs

These signs show people where accessible bathrooms are in your establishment. Our ADA compliant bathroom signs are lightweight, robust, and easy to install, and they can still be customized to fit the needs of your business.

ADA restroom signs require businesses to display their signs next to restroom doors with a non-braille version of the signage nearby. These signs come in many designs and materials, such as brushed silver tactile lettering and graphics on matte black acrylic finish with stainless steel braille. If you are in need of non-braille or custom braille signs, just pick up your phone and our team will be glad to assist you.

ADA compliant door signs instruct people on what kind of room they are entering and are often important for building safety and compliance. Our tailor-made ADA signs and ADA door signs include tactile graphics, braille signs, and are available in virtually any color combination.

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If you are searching for ADA signs near you, Pure Image Signs & Graphics is your trusted signage company in Vancouver. We will give you a wide array of ADA sign options, from designs to materials, which will fit the informative and aesthetic needs of your business.

Pure Image Signs & Graphics believes in helping people—that means those with disabilities and businesses, too. So, let us help you elevate your business through signage that keeps people safe, makes them feel welcome, and also speaks to your brand. We can customize them while still making sure that they fit the needs of your business.

We have a design team on hand that is ready to help you find the right details to make your ADA sign package compliant with local ordinances, as well as effective in delivering the look your business wants. Reach out to schedule a free consultation today, and we will begin planning your successful sign solution!

Frequently Asked Questions

ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act, so an ADA sign is anything that has to do with accommodations for disabled people. This includes things like handicapped parking, handicapped washrooms, etc.

These signs are required in any building that is open to the public. They are put in front of doors and elevators so that blind people, for example, can read the braille and know where they are.

First, it is the law. On a more ethical side, it is important to make accommodations so that everyone feels included. People with disabilities deserve to be treated with the same respect and dignity as everybody else.

ADA signs have to be written with braille—so blind people can read them—and with visual characters and pictograms so they are easy to read. They are required wherever there is a change in surroundings, such as a doorway, a washroom, or an exit so that people are aware of their surroundings.

An ADA washroom is created for handicapped persons. These washrooms are designed so that people in wheelchairs, for example, can safely and comfortably use them.

These signs have to be accessible to everyone, no matter how tall or short they are. This means they must be placed a minimum of 48 inches off the floor and at a maximum of 60 inches. People typically choose to go with 48 inches off the floor to accommodate smaller persons. They also need a centimeter clearance on all sides of the braille text.

ADA exit signs need to be placed near the exits so that people know they are stepping outside. They need to be installed on the wall on the latch side of the door. They also need to be a minimum of 48 inches off the ground. If there are double doors, the sign has to be mounted on the inactive door, at 48 inches off the ground. If both doors are active, then the sign needs to be placed on the right side of the doors.

Ideally, ADA signs should be between 4-18 inches wide and 14-63 inches in length. There are strict requirements for the fonts you can use and how far they need to be from the perimeter of the sign. For all the regulations, refer to the ADA sign guidelines.

The cost depends on the size. We have competitive prices that rival any sign company in the area.

Most sign companies sell ADA signs. At Pure Image Signs & Graphics, we are more than happy to be your sign provider and handle all your ADA signage needs. You can call us at (604) 409-8040 or contact us online for more information.

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