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What Are Monument Signs?

They are a popular branding option for businesses. Monument signs are ground-level signage manufactured from durable materials, including brick, stainless steel, stone, and plastic.

They dramatically increase visibility with local foot and motor traffic and are what customers interact with first when they visit an organization or a business. These signs provide substance and longevity to a company and its clients. For an excellent advertising option that has significant visual impact and is weather resistant, these are the signs to go with.

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Get to Know the Types of Monument Signs Available

At Pure Image Signs & Graphics, we can provide different monument signs depending on the client’s desired display.

Cloverdale Baptist Church Custom Monument Signage in Vancouver, BC
Monument Sign Installation Vancouver, BC

Pure Image Signs & Graphics will design, create and install signs that provide a long-lasting visual impact if you want to showcase how solid your brand is. We provide well-designed signage that reflects your business or organization’s unique personality.

We produce professional signage for medical and office complexes as well as entrances to residential and industrial properties. We consult with our clients to expertly design and create a sign that corresponds with your business or organization to boost its exposure.

By working closely with landlords, contractors, and property managers, we ensure that our signs comply with set standards. We have professionals who design and install eye-catching signs that significantly impact your business.

Your Top Shop for Modern Monument Signs in Vancouver

Our Pure Image Signs & Graphics team can help your business stand out from the crowd with this stunning type of architectural sign.

Our signs increase brand awareness and bring a professional touch to your business. We use modern equipment and technology to customize a monument sign for you that will last for many years.

Channel Letter Monument Signs in Vancouver
Looking for Monument Signs Near me in Vancouver, British Columbia?

Pure Image Signs & Graphics provides the best outdoor signs to offer directions to your business or organization and increase visibility. We offer our services to different companies, including law firms, hospitals, hotels, government offices, corporate offices, and more.

We work with our clients to design, create and install custom monument signs that distinguish your business and are within your budget, so you won’t have to worry about the cost of monument signs. Our signs can help lead customers to you, display information, or offer updates. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Monument signs are freestanding ground-level signs that are made from high-quality, durable materials like stone, stainless steel, or brick and mortar construction. Because of their height, they are ideal for attracting the attention of people driving by.

Yes, these signs are built to endure the weather and are made with durable materials like bricks, steel, stone, wood, aluminum, or high-quality plastic. They are usually also densely built to make them even more durable.

Monument signs are usually extravagant in design and made from durable materials that makes them look powerful, which reflects well on your business. They are not too tall either, so they are easily visible to drivers who do not have to crane their necks to see your message.

They can be different lengths and widths, but typically they are not too high off the ground.

This depends on your budget, but monument signs made out of stone or brick and mortar are very durable and look amazing. The stones can be custom-shaped to make them look even better.

This depends on the weather and what materials they are made out of. Monument signs constructed from bricks can last for decades if they are built properly. If they are made out of aluminum or plastic, they won’t last as long, but they should still be able to last close to a decade.

This also depends on the size and the materials being used. It can take anywhere from a few days to several months. It is best to make a plan so we can give you a timeline that works for everybody.

Yes, you need a permit to construct any type of signage on your property. Check your city bylaws for all the information on permits related to sign construction.

There are digital display monument signs, post and panel monument signs, changeable aluminum plate signs, and brick foundation signs. These can be interchangeable as well; for example, you can put a digital display in a brick foundation sign if you desire.

There are several different sign companies that make monument signs. At Pure Image Signs & Graphics, we consider ourselves amongst the best and are happy to take on any project you need and answer any questions you have. Call us at (604) 409-8040 for more information or request a quote online and we can start the process right away.

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