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Most construction signs are simple, clean signs with a direct message of safety or awareness. We specialize in efficient products with superior service. Let us not only design, fabricate and install your construction signs and barricades, let also have our experts research what signs you need to be compliant to your local codes. Give us a call today, and let’s plan a sign package that works for you!

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Why Are Construction Site Signs Essential in Vancouver, BC?

At Pure Image Signs and Graphics, our team specializes in high-quality signs for the construction industry. We understand that professionals working in this field need signs that are durable, functional, and productive.

Examine some of the reasons why these custom signs are necessary on work sites across the province:

  • Safety: Site safety signs are crucial to eliminate the risk of worker and visitor injuries and minimize damage. Use signage to inform people of necessary personal protective equipment requirements, site hazards, emergency procedures, and the location of safety equipment.
  • Compliance: There are many instances where construction safety signs are required by law. Contact a professional sign company to ensure your work site has the proper signage for compliance to avoid hefty legal fines or penalties. We can create communication tools that satisfy any legal requirements.
  • Community Involvement: Construction signs are excellent at building connections between companies and the neighbourhoods they will be working in. Use signs to inform residents about key details related to a project, including its purpose, concept images, completion dates, and other relevant information. Communities in Vancouver, BC, will be grateful for transparent communication.
  • Branding: Every construction company has its own unique identity. Construction area signs are an excellent way to boost a company’s branding campaigns and strengthen its image in the local market. We can customize these signs with logos, custom colours, wordmarks, taglines, and more to make a unique statement.
Types of Construction Site Signs in Vancouver

The first type of construction signs we offer are basic outdoor signs, including hazardous materials signs, construction zone signs, danger signs, safety signs, road construction signs, and detour signs. These not only help prevent accidents but also raise employee efficiency.

As a full-service custom sign and graphics company, we can supply you with durable construction site safety signs that offer a precise message. Another form of construction signage is advertisements. While working on a project, you can let the public know the facilities’ future purpose, or you can market the companies involved in the construction project. This is a great way to spread awareness of your company to prospective customers.

Our selection of custom construction signs in Vancouver, BC, includes:

  • “Road Work Ahead” Sign: These signs alert drivers of upcoming construction work. They are essential safety tools that give drivers notice to slow down, prepare for delays, or seek alternate routes, if possible.
  • Construction Entrance Sign: Entrance signs are valuable wayfinding devices that help employees, guests, and delivery drivers locate a site. This is important because many sites require people to check in at an office before proceeding.
  • Construction Traffic Signs: Direct traffic efficiently with a vast range of signage designed to catch drivers’ attention and communicate directions clearly. These signs are made from durable materials so they can withstand tough and changing road conditions for long periods of time.
  • Construction Warning Signs: Warning signs alert workers and guests of potential hazards, such as high voltage areas, falling debris, and uneven surfaces that could cause trips. Warn people of these conditions with prompt and effective signage.
  • “Danger” Construction Site Sign: Danger signs can be placed around a construction site to remind workers to stay vigilant and follow all safety procedures. These signs are also important tools to keep trespassers away, alerting them to the unsafe conditions inside a site.
Construction Sign Maker in Vancouver, BC

Are you looking for construction signs “near me”? No matter what questions you have, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are here to get you on your way to satisfying your signage needs. Want to hear about the specific signs that will aid your construction site? Would you like to hear about projects centered around your industry? Contact our professionals today!

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