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Have you thought about investing in a custom raceway mounted sign?

A raceway mounted sign is a great option for those looking to attract attention with an exterior sign, and leave a lasting impression. A raceway mounted sign is a product that features lettering or images that are affixed to a rectangular mounting module. This module usually holds the wiring and cordage for the lighting. These custom signs will not only draw attention, but will also allow for easier locating from roadways.

Raceway mounted signs are large sign solutions that offer illumination options. This grants maximum exposure in any lighting, as well as from greater distances. Customize your sign with custom color combinations, fresh design concepts, and bold lettering. Our design team is on hand to help make these choices cohesive with your specific needs!

With so many options in the sign industry today, take advantage of a company that is invested in the success of your marketing goals. We utilized high end materials, and the latest in fabrication equipment to achieve premium sign and graphic products that are productive, durable, and cost efficient. Come in to see us today, and we will get you on the path to your next custom sign journey!

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