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Decorative Window Films: Elevating Your Establishment’s Aesthetic

Window films are now one of the most cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and convenient ways to transform your lobby or office into a high-impact visual statement. They can add privacy to a room, block out harmful UV rays, and add style and character to your business. We offer the best versions of this product and are prepared to share the benefits associated with these decorative graphics today!

If you are looking for window film in Vancouver, you’ve come to the right place! Pure Image Signs and Graphics Inc offers a simple solution for any business looking for window films made from high-quality window film material. Any signage project that needs doing in Vancouver, BC is our pleasure to take on.

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Find Decorative Uses for Your Graphics

Has your office lost its luster? Do you need an updated look to leave a long-lasting impression on the public? Investing in window film that features fresh design concepts can help your business do just that. The films at our disposal can show professionalism, a modern edge, a quaint country vibe, and everything in between.

There are a wide variety of window films you can utilize, and we can guide you and help you pick the best one for your business.

Types of Window Film

Window Privacy Films

Privacy films can add privacy to any room in your office or business. It is a simple and decorative way to maintain confidentiality without having to endure a costly renovation.

Decorative Films

Decorative window films are purely for aesthetic purposes. You can have your branding designed into them or incorporate any type of design or picture you want that will benefit your business.

Frosted Vinyl

Getting their name from the effect they create, frosted films are a modern and elegant way to not only add a level of privacy to a room but to have your windows look good while serving a function.

You can also choose to have images and words etched in, giving them a high-end etched glass look without committing to actually etching the glass and ruining it in the process.

Privacy Frosted Window Film Installation in Vancouver
Uses for Window Film

Having window glass film can provide many benefits to your business. Namely, it can:


  1. Reduce glare and block out harmful UV rays: This can create a more comfortable atmosphere in your workplace.
  2. Provide Privacy: You don’t need to tear down those windows and erect walls to get the privacy you need. You can have your office looking sharp and professional with custom window film designed to give you privacy.
  3. Enhance aesthetic appeal: Your office or business is your second home so make it look good because a visually appealing workplace is much more enjoyable.
  4. Reduce Energy Costs: blocking out those harmful UV rays reduces heat loss and saves you money on your energy bill.
Customizing Your Graphics

We utilize many techniques to customize your decorative window graphics package into an effective product. Choose from frosted films with etched designs and patterns, or films that have industry-relevant images. There are also ways to incorporate your business’s logo into the film for a personalized representation of your brand,

Reach out to us today, and we will share more of the customized options you have available when choosing your decorative window film for an office or lobby.

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Why Install Window Film in Vancouver?

There is no right or wrong answer as to if you should or should not install window film, but if you feel your company will benefit from it, then it is worth talking to experts who can give you straightforward practical advice about all its applications.

If you think your business could benefit from having window film, give us a call. We are Pure Image Signs and Graphics Inc, Vancouver’s top choice for all your signage needs.

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