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Advertising is not the cut-and-dried routine it was in decades past; radio, TV, newspapers, and billboards. The 21st century offers many new variations on established advertising techniques, including advertising on vehicles.

What are Vehicle Wraps?

Fortunately, the concept and application of advertising on a vehicle are simple and effective. Simply place current advertising on your vehicles, such as cars or trucks, that may or may not be a part of your business.

The wraps are usually vinyl, and custom-made for your business. The appearance of the wrap has almost unlimited variations in colors, fonts, images, size, and artistry. Whatever message is to be delivered, we can make sure it’s on target and professionally installed.

How Are Vehicle Wraps Made?

One process for making wraps starts with creating a design, printing it on self-adhesive vehicle vinyl wrap, and laminating it to prevent wear and UV damage. The graphics are cut from the vinyl, unwanted bits and pieces are removed, and the trimmed design is placed on a sheet of masking tape, squeegeed onto the vehicle and the tape removed. Perfect! And better than when installed by hand.

How Do Vehicle Wraps Help a Business?

First, vehicle wraps use otherwise unused potential advertising space. The vehicle wraps will be seen by many people, locally, every day your vehicles are out. Traveling locally, you are advertising to people who live near your business. People will also see your advertising when the vehicle is parked in a public place.

Many businesses need to be established locally before they can expand. Placing wraps on your vehicles will help with that, and they will help outshine competitors. Even if your competitors are using vehicle wraps for advertising, we can help create vehicle wraps that are more eye-catching or that help differentiate your business so that more potential buyers remember you.

Vehicle wraps are quick and easy to change. That makes them ideal for short-term advertising campaigns, like holiday sales, markdowns, specials, and new products. You can even use wraps with variations for marketing campaigns and judging interest in different products or services.

What Do Vehicle Wraps Say About Your Business?

Vehicle wraps mark your business as current, progressive, and willing to embrace new technology. Your business will be marked as a serious competitor. And, you will be seen as someone who intends to lead with new developments, not follow others.

For a new, effective, and cost-effective way to advertise your business, contact Pure Image Signs and Graphics for outstanding vehicle wraps.



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