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Imagine a graphic product that can make a difference in the lives of students, employees, patients, and consumers. Graphic wall coverings with natural scenes have been proven to increase productivity, health, attendance, engagement, length of illness, test scores, and more! They utilize fractals to provide biophysical elements. Fractals are the random shapes occurring in nature that we are genetically wired to embrace.

Now, imagine coming to work every day to sit and stare at a blank wall. You stare at the same door, the same bookshelf, the same paperweight. Work can end up becoming monotonous, and your efficiency might decline. Now imagine that same scenario, but you are staring out over a vast lake at sunrise, a mountainside with snow-caps, or even the ninth hole of your dream course! Sitting in that room is suddenly less boring, and motivation will increase!

Our team is invested in finding affordable products that will affect your business on a tangible level. With graphic wall coverings, not only will you see the results in your work ethic, but you will also see the return on investment through increased productivity, overall health of employees, and attendance, along with lower turnover!

What type of signage are you looking for?
KALIBER POWER Custom Vinyl Wall Graphics for Business
Transform Your Business with Some of the Best Wall Decals in Vancouver

If you’re looking to give your business a boost, business wall graphics offer all of the incredible branding and advertisement benefits of traditional signage with the added perks of flexibility, versatility, and easy installation. Whether you intend to advertise your brand to the Vancouver community with a storefront glass decal, or to festively decorate for a season with indoor decorative decals, wall signs are perfect for amplifying your business’s appearance and branding.

What Are Wall Decals?
Wall decals are a versatile, durable signage type that can be used for advertising or decoration. Decals can be used permanently or temporarily, and are extremely manageable due to their simple installation and removal processes.
FIT ORTHO STUDIO Custom Vinyl Wall Graphics for Business
What Types of Wall Decals Are Available to Me?

If you’re looking to strengthen your brand identity and create a warm atmosphere for customers and workers alike, wall decals are a great way to accomplish it all and more. With the help of our expert designers at Pure Image Signs & Graphics, you can select from a wide variety of decal types and create a decal signage solution that will transform your business.

The most popular wall decal types include:

Custom Wall Decals for Offices in Vancouver
What Are the Uses for Wall Decals?

While there are many recommended uses for wall decals, the possibilities are endless. They’re perfect for long-term installations due to their durability, and just as suitable for seasonal or temporary displays due to their simple installation and removal processes. Whether you intend to provide directional signage, display a beautiful new wall mural, or promote a new sale, our custom signage solutions will help your business stand out with the best custom wall decals in Vancouver.

Is the Cost of Wall Decals Worth It?

As with other signage solutions, the initial cost needs to fit your budget to be worth your while. As hundreds of thousands of business owners worldwide have found, however, this investment quickly pays for itself tenfold. Storefront or outdoor wall wraps are extremely effective at drawing new customers from all across Vancouver to your business, while indoor signage creates a welcoming and professional atmosphere that encourages visitors to return time and time again.

TWENTY WESTERN SPARTANS Custom Vinyl Wall Graphics in Vancouver
Custom Vinyl Wall Decals by Pure Image Signs & Graphics

If you want to establish your Vancouver, BC business and stand out from the competition, we can help. As one of the best wall decal printing companies in Vancouver, we’re dedicated to uplifting our local businesses by providing high-quality services with a smile. From design to manufacture, our team will ensure you’re involved in creating the ideal office wall graphics without any of the stress.

Best of all, there’s no need to search for wall graphic installers in Vancouver — our team will handle the installation. With such a strong start on your first day with new signage, you’ll quickly begin to see the results of your investment. If you’re ready to show Vancouver what your business is about, call our team of signage experts today for a free consultation.

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