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Why Pure Image Signs and Graphics Is the Company For You
Marketing can mean so many things. Marketing materials include commercials, e-mails blasts, social media accounts, billboards, coupons, and more. However, when you own a business, marketing tools are not only sent out to the public; some of your more important marketing tools stay right with you. These tools, of course, are signs.
Signs are a great way to market your company right at your place of business. Besides identification signs, which allow people to find you and get in the door, there are many other types of signs that you can use inside your building to market to your clients and customers while they are on the premises.
Graphics are a cost-effective marketing tool and they pack a big punch. A well-placed graphic can boost sales. You can put graphics almost anywhere. They can be affixed to:
• Walls
• Windows
• Doors
• Floors
• Ceilings
• Elevators
No matter where your customers are in your building, you can get your information to them. With large and colorful graphics, you have a very effective and smart way to showcase some of your best products and services. Humans are very visual creatures and seeing something can often be what convinces them to act.
We can create large murals for you that can depict things such as
• The Company’s History in Timeline Form
• Pictures and Bios of the Staff
• Pictures of Different Looks to the Exterior of the Building
• Impressive Landscape Pictures
Graphics in the elevator can be a creative use of space. The time your clients spend in elevators can give you an opportunity to reinforce an idea or send a fresh message. The same can be said of the inside of restroom doors. Many people will see those areas, so they provide opportunities that should not be overlooked.
Also, inside your building, you can market by placing well-crafted directory signs. Directory signs in larger buildings and complexes can make the difference between a good customer experience and a bad one.
Visit us online where you can view a gallery of past projects and take a look at the different products that we offer. You may also call us directly by dialing 604-409-8040. We look forward to your call.



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