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Building Signs: Are You Looking for Effective Outdoor Marketing?

If you want a non-intrusive way of marketing your business, then exterior building signs are the perfect choice. A building sign is your silent salesperson that brings your business in front of the competition. But what exactly are building signs? Building signs are letters or graphics placed in front of a building or near that establishment to convey information and provide the direct location of the business. These signs serve as a means of identification for the business and help communicate with the target market.

If you’re looking for a signage company that can handle all of your signage needs, you’ve found it. Continue reading to learn more, or contact us right now to get started!

What type of signage are you looking for?
Types of Commercial Building Signs
If you’re looking for building signs near you, you’ve come to the right place—Pure Image Signs and Graphics has what it takes to deliver high-quality building signs that speak volumes about your business. Your Vancouver company can gain impressions and elevate its branding through several types of signage solutions, such as:
  • Channel Letters: These building letters are commonly used in or outside of buildings thanks to their high visibility. They are three-dimensional, can be installed with lights, and are highly customizable.
  • Monument Signs: These are some of the most effective signage solutions. These large, freestanding signs are placed at eye level for better business exposure. They are often seen on the lots of hospitals, schools, and malls.
  • Pylon Signs: These are common for strip malls, or complexes that house many companies or tenants. They contain a list of the businesses available inside and services offered so that people can find their way with ease.
  • Storefront Signs: These outdoor building signs stand out thanks to their unique features—they are highly customizable, can come in many shapes and sizes, and are the first thing people will notice when they walk by your business.
  • Electronic Signs: Use LED neon signs or electronic message centers to advertise your business! These signs boost brand visibility and increase foot traffic due to their unique display.
Commercial Building Signs in Vancouver
The Benefits of Custom Building Signs in Vancouver

There are many benefits to using customized signage solutions for your company. It assists in enhancing your business’ visibility, elevates your brand, increases exposure, and offers guidance. By using a well-designed outdoor building sign for your business, you can make your business more memorable for your new and existing customers. 

Are You Looking for a Building Signage Maker in Vancouver?

If you’re looking for a building sign company near you, look no further, because the team at Pure Image Signs and Graphics is proud to help businesses large and small achieve their visual goals. We’re the experts people need when it comes to transforming plain buildings into customer magnets.

We want to turn your marketing challenges into opportunities for business growth. Don’t spend time wondering—give us a call! Whether you have a design in mind or need some assistance with everything from design ideas to installation, we’re ready to help.

Contact us today for your office building signs.

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