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Welcome to Pure Image Signs and Graphics, your premier destination for top-quality signage solutions in Vancouver, BC! We specialize in a wide range of signage products, from directory signs to digital directory signage.

What Are Directory Signs?

Directory signage is a way to provide location information in large offices, buildings with multiple tenants, conventional halls, churches, schools, hotels, and a variety of other businesses. When your guests enter a large building, the last thing you want is for them to be overwhelmed in finding their way. Navigating large office buildings can be a breeze with our directory signs for office buildings. From interior building directory signs to business directory sign installations, we’ve got you covered with clear and concise wayfinding solutions.

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Digital building directory signs offer dynamic and interactive navigation experiences, allowing users to easily search for specific locations and access additional information, such as floor maps and contact details. For businesses seeking flexibility and adaptability, changeable office directory signs provide the convenience of effortless updates to accommodate changes in occupancy or department names.

Create a lasting impression on visitors and occupants with elegant directory signs in the lobby; these signs are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your building’s interior, while also providing clear and concise wayfinding assistance. Our comprehensive range of signage solutions includes directory signs for office buildings and interior building directory signs, ensuring seamless navigation throughout your facility.

Our team can install a customized directory in your building entrance or lobby that will not only supply location information but also allow for smoother customer service.

Choosing the Best Qualities in Your Sign
Allow easy navigation of your building using a wayward finding system appropriate for your location. We can make attractive and effective directory signs that compliment your building’s theme and decor. Our design professionals use only high quality materials and design systems that are easy to upgrade and require little to no maintenance.

Navigation and Wayfinding: Directory signs are instrumental in helping individuals navigate complex environments by providing clear directions to various destinations within a building. Whether it’s offices, departments, conference rooms, or amenities, these signs guide visitors and occupants to their intended locations, reducing confusion and saving time.

 Informational Support: Beyond providing directions, directory signs often include additional information, such as floor maps, department descriptions, contact details, or operational hours. This supplementary information enhances the user experience by offering valuable context and assistance to those navigating the building.

 Accessibility: Clear and legible directory signs make buildings more accessible to people with disabilities or impairments. Our team ensures your signage is well-designed and appropriately placed so everyone, regardless of ability, can easily find their way around and access your amenities.

 Branding and Professionalism: Directory signs in a building’s interior reinforce the organization’s brand identity and convey a sense of professionalism. With consistent use of branding elements, such as colours, fonts, and logos, these signs enhance brand visibility and leave a positive impression on visitors and occupants.

 Efficiency and Productivity: Our modern directory signage contributes to increased efficiency and productivity within a building by streamlining navigation and reducing time spent searching for specific locations. Employees, visitors, and clients can quickly locate their destinations, leading to smoother operations and improved experiences.

 Adaptability and Flexibility: Depending on the needs of the building or organization, directory signs can be designed to be easily updated or modified. Changeable office directory signs or digital directory signage systems allow for seamless updates to reflect changes in occupancy, department names, or other relevant information.

Overall, directory signs aim to facilitate smooth, efficient navigation within buildings, enhance accessibility and inclusivity, support branding efforts, and contribute to a positive user experience for all occupants and visitors.

Supplying room numbers, current locations, entrance, exits, and restrooms on a directory tailored for your company can prevent the need of directional customer assistance allowing your staff to better perform their jobs. Menu Boards with detailed products and/or pricing can keep your customers a step ahead when purchasing products and services from your business. Whatever type of directory you need, allow our team to utilize our knowledgeable staff to design and fabricate exactly what you want.


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The signs we can provide are complete solutions to your directory needs. Impress your visitors and clients with stunning directory signs that reflect the modern aesthetic of your office space. Our sleek and stylish designs are sure to make a lasting impression.

Trust Pure Image Signs and Graphics to deliver premium-quality business directory sign solutions that elevate the professionalism and efficiency of your building’s navigation system.

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