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What is a Wall Mural?

They are large sheets of vinyl with intricate designs that are applied to a wall. When looking to incorporate stronger visual branding into your office space, high-quality 3D wall murals are one of the best graphic solutions. The vinyl used in commercial murals is compatible with plastic, metal, wood, painted surfaces, and glass. And the end product is long-lasting and easier to maintain than the typical traditional wallpaper.

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Types of Wall Murals to Boost Revenue

There are different murals available on the market today. We consult with you beforehand to ensure we craft the right type of mural to add pop or intrigue to your office, like vinyl signs, photo murals, and abstract murals. Vinyl wall murals are popular because they are durable, flexible, and easy to apply on and remove from any wall.

Office Mural Ideas

We can recommend different ideas for murals for your office. For example, road trip photography, cartoon murals, land/cityscape murals, and more.

Attract Social Media Users with 3D “Wallpapers” in Vancouver

You can increase online engagement with your target audience by adding murals to your lobby. Attractive 3D installations will captivate your visitors, prompting them to take pictures with your art and share them on their socials. You can take advantage of a new kind of word-of-mouth with the right kind of wall mural.

Uses for Wall Murals

Murals are becoming common in most offices. Start-ups and big tech companies use murals to instill life into an undecorated space. The following are some of the common uses for office murals:

Custom Wall Murals in Vancouver

Most customers prefer a mural customized to their preference. We offer you a gallery from which to choose images with a wide range of patterns and designs. We also let you choose the right size and material.

Office Wall Mural Design and Manufacturing

Pure Image Signs & Graphics features enthusiastic office signage and graphic designers that fabricates all our murals by sourcing high-resolution images, working on them, printing, and applying them on the wall. We help you choose the correct pattern and design that complements your business setting.

Business Wall Murals Installation

You can do it yourself for small-sized walls, but for massive projects requiring skills and proper equipment, we recommend you hire a professional to install a mural. Installation is a challenging experience that involves several skills such as squaring and levelling.

At Pure Image Signs & Graphics, we will prepare your walls to make your mural flawless. We also do your wall measuring and organization using special tools to ensure panels are not misaligned.

Our qualified installers pay close attention to detail when trimming your murals which take them just a few hours to install.

Need Help Finding Wall Mural Installers in Vancouver, BC?

When looking for wall mural installers near you, consider professionals who can recommend the type of “wallpaper” murals to install based on your needs. A professional exterior or interior wall mural installer will recommend office wallpapers that are within your budget and involve you in every stage, letting you worry less about the cost of wall murals and focus on other key considerations for the process.

At Pure Image Signs & Graphics, we will recommend Vancouver murals depending on the goal you want to achieve. 

Contact us to speak to one of our friendly team members about your options.

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