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Ceiling graphics can be an amazing way to elevate your business and create attractive advertisements, or simply boost the appeal of your retail or event space to visitors. Some places, such as hospitals and dental offices, utilize custom ceiling graphics to help patients relax, while other businesses use them to create an elegant experience. Ceiling graphics can now be found in expo halls, restaurants, spas, corporate offices, or even schools. Since the view is unobstructed, it’s like discovering a blank canvas and creating magic. 

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Types of Ceiling Graphics

In general, there are two main types of ceiling graphics: decals and ceiling tiles. As the name implies, ceiling tiles are traditional blocks of graphic decals that can be assembled together to create one full comprehensive image. If you are attempting to simply cover a small area, or if you have an intense design that requires a lot of detail, the tiles can be pieced together to ensure that the entire area is applied properly. To finish the image, you would place all of the tiles in order across the ceiling. 

Custom ceiling graphics & signs, on the other hand, are smaller and include things like logos or brand names. These are used more for marketing purposes to help draw attention to sponsors or designs that can add value to a room. For instance, a dentist might only require a patch of outdoor sky above the patient’s chair, or a daycare might only want to add a few birds to their ceiling. Custom ceiling lettering or vinyl graphics can work well in both of these situations. 

If you want to draw people’s eyes upwards and take advantage of the empty space, but are unsure of fully utilizing ceiling graphics, you can also opt for hanging custom ceiling banners. Banners can be hung from the ceiling to make use of empty space but can be easily removed when a promotion or event ends. 

Uses of Custom Ceiling Graphics

Ceiling graphics can be used for various reasons within recreational, commercial, and businesses across Vancouver. Some people use ceiling graphics to update the design of a room or add a bit more elegance to it. Other businesses use them to calm visitors or to add a special spark to an event or performance area. Finally, ceiling graphics can also be used as an untapped resource to advertise or market products. 

Why Choose Us for Ceiling Graphics

If you are ready to invest in ceiling graphics, you need a design company that can walk you through the process and create custom designs that speak to your clientele. Pure Image Signs & Graphics has the experience and the design team you need. Contact us today to learn more. 

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