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Channel Letters: Making a Statement for Your Brand

If you have a restaurant that is marketing to the community, it is important to have a visible location for consumers to find. There is no point in advertising on your radio or internet ad if potential buyers can’t find you! This is why an outdoor building signs is so important to your business. Give the community a visual statement that shows exactly what and where your business is!

A channel letter sign is a strong part of any storefront. They entice both foot and motor traffic making their way past your business.

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What Happens When Consumers Can’t Find You?

Many companies tend to lose focus on this detail until it is too late. When a delivery person cannot find your establishment, it can cause quite a headache. The same can be said for customers. Online advertising, mail flyers, and other forms of advertisement are useless if the prospective client cannot find your facility. A channel letter sign goes above and beyond to share your location with the public. It is vibrant, large, and effective as a marketing tool. Just ask our team how these signs can benefit your specific business today!

These signs are also great for sending a distinct message about your brand. For example, use a font that is cohesive with your logo, as well as the colouring. We can assist with our colour matching program to find the right shade to compliment your existing colours.

If you have a brand that is already prominent within the community, having your sign reinforce it will only add to your marketing success! If your business is just getting started, then give them something to remember!

Are you interested in learning more about channel letter signs, and the advantages they offer? Would you like to hear about other signs that can also benefit your business? Contact our team today, and let us get you started on a free consultation.

CASCADIA SALES 3D Fascia Front Lit Channel Letter Signage
Why Should My Business Use Channel Letter Signs?

No matter how you serve your community, channel letter signs are perfect for introducing your services to the public. Traditional or LED channel letter signs can be placed indoors or outdoors, effectively reinforcing your brand identity while serving as 24/7 advertisement. And due to the high-quality materials used by our experienced manufacturers, your new channel letters will withstand extreme weather conditions and announce your business’s presence in Vancouver for many years.

Best of all, many types of channel letters can represent your business. Your channel letters can have a different colour, font, shape, and size according to your preferences. If you choose to have a front-lit or back-lit sign, your business will be visible at all hours.

Light the Way to Your Business with Custom Channel Letters

If you’ve been fruitlessly searching for “channel letters near me”, look no further. Our team at Pure Image Signs & Graphics is proud to offer the highest quality signage services available to the Vancouver, BC area. While the upfront cost of channel letter signage may be intimidating, it is an investment that will continue to reward your business for years to come.

JML Indoor Channel Letters Custom Business Signs
Custom Channel Letter Building Signage
What Is Channel Letter Signage?

Installing custom channel letter signage is an excellent way to establish your business’s presence in Vancouver, all while enjoying the quality and durability of metal and acrylic channel letters designed by dedicated professionals. Each letter is manufactured at the highest standard of quality to create a face for your business that you can be proud of.

What Are the Uses for Channel Letters? How Can They Help My Business?

Storefront channel letters are particularly effective at drawing new customers to your business due to their professional, eye-catching appearance. No matter what colour or font, channel letter signage is perfect for representing your brand. You can even elect to install a unique variety of signage like halo-lit letters, also referred to as reverse letters, where the light shines onto the wall behind the letters and highlights them.

Storefront Channel Letters Sign for Glacis-Galerie REWE
Google Rooftop Building Signs in Vancouver
Is the Cost of Channel Letters Worth It?

No matter the size of your business, channel letter signage offers value that can’t be beat. Because the signs are made of incredibly durable metal with a hardy acrylic face, your custom acrylic signage will continue to reward your investment year after year. In contrast to conventional forms of advertising, channel letter signage is extremely effective at drawing new customers to your business from all across Vancouver at a fraction of the cost.

Channel Letter Signs by Pure Image Signs & Graphics

We’re proud to be one of the best channel letter sign manufacturers in Vancouver. From the consultation call to the final installation and beyond, we’re dedicated to making your experience stress-free and highly satisfying. Our custom channel letters are created with high-quality materials and are perfect for giving your business a professional appearance and attracting the attention of passersby.

With the help of our highly experienced design and manufacturing teams, the possibilities are endless when creating your perfect custom channel letter signs. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, we’re ready to help.

Contact our signage professionals today to get your questions answered and receive a free consultation.

Channel Letter Sign for SUBWAY in Vancouver
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