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As a business owner, your storefront window signs need to make a strong first impression. Creating effective signs for your storefront gives customers valuable information while adding to the overall look of your business. With the right design, having a storefront sign in your shop can set your business apart.

Pure Image Signs & Graphics creates appealing signs for Vancouver businesses regularly. We offer many types of exterior signs featuring a variety of materials.

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What Are Storefront Signs?

In a literal sense, a storefront sign is exactly what it sounds like — a sign on the front of your store. However, these signs represent more than that. They’re the first impression potential customers have of who you are and what you do. 

Well-designed signage makes your brand identity clear to anyone who passes by your storefront. In addition, signs such as banners or posters inform customers of limited-time promotions, sales, and specials.

We customize sign materials, type, colors, patterns, and lighting to fit your business’ style. The types of available signs include illuminated storefront signs, channel letters, sign boxes, and more.

What Are the Costs of Storefront Signs?

Storefront signs in Vancouver, BC, can vary in price based on the individual needs of each business and what specifications the business chooses, such as size and illumination. Pure Image Signs & Graphics works with small and medium-sized businesses all over Vancouver to create effective, stylish storefront signs.  

Common Uses of Storefront Signs

Storefront signs are used for a variety of purposes, but they are used primarily to announce the brand name of your business. Their second goal is to attract attention so passersby and drivers can’t miss your retail shop. 

As the first impression of your store, your storefront signs also help establish your brand identity and give customers a feel for your business personality.

Outdoor Storefront Retail Signs in Vancouver
Types of Storefront Signs

Storefront signs can go on a building wall, building window, or in a separate illuminated sign box. The best fit for you will depend on your business layout. 

Common types of storefront signs include:

How To Create Storefront Signs

Storefront signs vary dramatically, so our design team is ready to assist your business. The first step requires business owners to identify the purpose of their storefront sign. Is it to identify a business, attract new consumers, or alert consumers of an upcoming sale? 

Once the purpose is defined, the goal is to create attractive aesthetics that will draw attention. Readability is important, as is a catchy logo or text. You need to make your message stick so that consumers think about your business and return. Our team can make sure you check each of these boxes to create an effective storefront sign campaign. 

Customized Store Front Signs for Business
Bold Storefront Signs in Vancouver

Our experienced creative team is ready to handle your storefront sign design and creation. Contact Pure Image Signs & Graphics to explore your options.

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