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Bathroom Signs: Tools to Identify Restrooms and Incorporate Design

Every business that caters to the public offers a private area to use the restroom. These areas must be clearly labeled to provide accurate navigation, and identification for patrons. Our team can provide signs that not only hit this mark, but also follow the aesthetic of your building.

What type of signage are you looking for?
Types of Signs

Whether you are looking for a reminder to have employees wash their hands, or one that shows what gender the bathroom caters to, we can develop a sign for you! Some of the more common signs used in the bathroom are:

And these are just a few!
Customizing Your Package

The signs that you choose will be designed using our state of the art equipment and professionals. The package should correlate with the overall theme of your location and aesthetic. Using color matching, high resolution images, custom installation methods and more, we can create a sign package that hits your goals!

Want to learn more? Interested in seeing the bathroom signs that could benefit your company? Contact our team today, and we will get you started on the sign package right for you!

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