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What makes a channel letter sign different from any other sign? Channel letters jut out from the wall because they are three-dimensional.

Each letter is usually made from heavy-duty, rust-proof aluminum. Letter depth varies depending on design and size of the sign. And each letter or number is covered with translucent acrylic.

Types of Channel Letter Signage
Typically there are four variations of channel letter signage.
1. Front-Lit Channel Letters – the light shines through the front of the letters making the sign visible 24/7.
2. Halo-Lit Channel Letters – here, the sign’s internal lighting comes from the back of the letters to create a halo effect surrounding the mounted letters.
3. Open Face Channel Letters – these signs are similar to front-lit signs except that the acrylic face is clear so it appears that the face is open.
4. Front and Reverse Lit Channel Letters – combines halo-lit and front-lit letter styles creating the great illumination.

Durable and Energy Efficient
Aluminum is lightweight and durable so it stands up well to rain, sun, sleet, snow, and high winds. These signs require less maintenance and repair than neon signs.
Energy efficient, channel letter signage illuminates with LED lighting, This ensures visibility day and night and is up to 40% less expensive to run than a neon sign.

Great Visibility
Whether lit or not, a channel letter sign offers great visibility, allowing anyone to find you night or day.
At Pure Image Signs and Graphics, we are able to create channel letter signage that is the right size to be read from a distance without dwarfing your entry door.

Customization and Durability
Channel Letter fabrication is versatile, allowing us to create different sizes, shapes, styles, typefaces, and colors in a design consistent with your other overall message. Aluminum, used in most channel letter signs to avoid rust, is pliable, which allows for a specific and creative design implementation of your choice.

Channel letter signs create a high-impact exterior or interior sign that conveys who you are at a glance. They display your name in a way that tells the world who you are through the color, size, and style.
If you want to upgrade the exterior or interior of your business with a Channel Letter sign, Pure Image Design and Graphics is here to help. We will work with you to create a sign that represents you and your business in a manner consistent with your overall message, branding, and online presence.




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