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There’s no doubt about it, having a great outdoors business sign for your restaurant is non-negotiable. Your restaurant is already forced to compete with others in the vicinity on factors such as price, menu, style, and comfort. Together, these factors make up the total dining experience. And it’s that which customers desire in today’s competitive market. So it’s not surprising that restaurants make up a healthy contingent of Sign World customers.

There’s little your restaurant can’t display on a sign, but be sure to consider state zoning laws first. Next, it’s important to sit down and decide what kind of vision you want for your restaurant.

Most likely, you’ll want your sign to be illuminated, because you’ll be serving meals in the evening. That’s not a problem thanks to low voltage LEDs that can be inserted into channel letters and mounted as a panel sign. You might want to consider the style of illumination and how it relates to your particular brand. Letters can be front-lit, reverse-lit, halo-lit, and even back-lit. You might choose front-lit for a brash burger bar look, or back-lit for that romantic corner café ambiance.

How about a nice chunky, painted hardwood sign for a steakhouse? Relive the old days of the Wild West frontier, and draw new customers to your restaurant. Most sign companies will send someone out to do a site survey before they begin the design. This can allow great ideas to flow, and the sign designer will always work constructively with the client to create their dream sign. Once the sign is complete, the same company will return to the site to install it.

A great outdoors building sign does far more than just direct people to your restaurant. It projects an image, as encapsulated by your unique brand. Customers will form an idea of the kind of food they will be served and how welcome they will be made to feel. Your sign also suggests the care and professionalism that your restaurant puts into the dishes it serves. Your outdoor business sign will become a neon symbol of a great dining experience, and satisfied customers will return time and again.

Use our website to find a great Sign World company local to you. They will work with you to design a well-crafted outdoor building sign that is extremely effective at promoting your brand.

Written by: Pure Image Signs – Maple Ridge, British Columbia



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