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Entering the offices of a law firm can be daunting. Often, it can be as a result of life events that may not have pleasant consequences. The smart law firm understands this. Sign World often gets orders for outdoor business signs that welcome clients and put them at ease, even before they’ve entered the building.

You can use acrylic channel letters, mounted on a panel and illuminated. But if you want to display a bit of class and respectability, why not display your law firm’s business name in dimensional lettering. These can be made in stainless steel to resist the effects of weathering. Brushed, satin, or oxidized finishes add a beautiful luster to the letters. You can even mount them on a panel and gently backlight them. An elegant set of laminate letters builds confidence in your clients and helps emphasize the fact that your law firm is successful.

These days there’s a large choice of materials to use for exterior signs. Acrylic, metal, glass, Plexiglas, and wood, are just a selection. The buyer has a lot of flexibility with all aspects of the design as well as manufacture. This has been driven by advances in technology, allied with higher standards of craftsmanship. A sign maker doesn’t become a true craftsman until he has learned and practiced the full scope of his trade. This is why, at Sign World, we pride ourselves on the quality of our tutors, themselves successful sign makers and entrepreneurs. You can be confident of receiving a polished, professional sign from any Sign World company, whichever base materials you opt for.

Treat your lobby signage as an integral part of your branding strategy. If your trademark logo is included, visitors to your legal offices are far more likely to remember your brand. Your building sign acts like a visual mnemonic. When a previous visitor needs legal services, they will think of your law firm first. Business is partly a numbers game: the more impressions you get through your various marketing avenues, the more sales you can achieve.

Don’t put up with tiny plaques any longer. Find your nearest Sign World contractor and give them a quick call today. They’ll be delighted to get the design process for your new outdoor building sign started right away.

Written by: Pure Image Signs – Maple Ridge, British Columbia



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