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An illuminated LED sign for your restaurant isn’t just for putting your restaurant’s name up in lights. With illuminated LED signs, you can send varied messages to your potential customers.


Here are some examples.


A sign that clearly declares that your business is open can increase your profits. It takes away that uncertainty that keeps some people driving by.

When customers are making multiple decisions about where to eat, don’t get eliminated because it’s unclear whether or not you are open.

Open Late

Not everyone wants to eat at dinner time. Dinner and a movie often means seeing the movie first, then finding somewhere to eat. If your restaurant becomes known as a place that is reliably open late, you’re likely to pick up a lot more customers.

Bar & Restaurant

It’s good to promote what you do if it’s not obvious from your business name. Some customers just want somewhere to go for a drink. If you can deliver that, shout it loud.

People in bars inevitably get hungry. If they’ve had a good time and there is a great restaurant on site, where do you think they’ll go to eat?

We Deliver

Ever heard someone say that they love a restaurant but wish that they delivered? Many of these restaurants deliver, but fail to make that clear to their customers. Don’t miss out on lucrative de-livery orders.

Make the sign shine and include your number so that people can read it at a distance and store the details using their smartphones.

Free Wi-Fi

Offering Wi-Fi in your restaurant makes people who want to eat alone or who are waiting for someone feel more comfortable. It also encourages visitors to spend more time in your establish-ment.

If you have Wi-Fi access in your restaurant, let everybody know. It might not be directly related to your food, but it is an important part of the restaurant experience for a growing number of consumers.

Use your LED sign to promote your biggest sellers and maximize your orders, or to boost under-performing items. We can customize your LED sign with the message of your choice. With our experience, we can also advise you on what areas and features of your restaurant might be best advertised with a highly-visible LED sign.

Give us a call today for a chat with our friendly staff. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about using illuminated LED signs to their best advantage.

Written by: Pure Image Signs and Graphics – Maple Ridge, BC



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