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It’s not only private businesses that need lobby signs. City and government offices do too. Usually their demands are more pragmatic. City halls can be huge and there is a need for navigational signs that show people how to get to particular departments. Advisory signs inform visitors of safety and regulations, such as areas that are off-limits. As a sign maker, there’s always plenty of business from city and government offices for a wide range of signs.

That doesn’t mean that municipal signs should always be drab and purely functional. There’s a host of bright, colorful emblems, crests, federal and state seals and other insignia that needs to be displayed to the public too. These signs portray US history and legal jurisdiction, and serve as an official badge to the whole population of the state, even the nation.

There are also more sophisticated LED and LCD signs that provide scrolling information to visitors. These displays can be freestanding or wall mounted. They require considerable expertise to program and install.

Lobby signs for city and government offices should project authority and respectability. Bronze, gold or silver laminate dimensional lettering can create a lobby sign that does just this.

But lobby signs needn’t break the budget either. You can make great interior signs from a range of painted or pigmented acrylics. These can be mounted flush to the wall like laminates or added to a panel and back-lit.

Acrylic signs are ideal for displaying functional information. Text and directional arrows can be easily added, and the signs made to any size or shape you wish.

For a busy government office that accepts public visitors, mounting plenty of signs to the lobby walls is essential. Having clear, informative signs dotted around saves staff time answering unnecessary questions. It allows them to get on with more urgent or complicated work. Visitors will feel more comfortable inside the lobby. They can address their business more directly, with a swifter resolution. Time-wasting public complaints will drop and the public office will gain itself a better reputation. Clear information signs soothe public sensitivities during what can sometimes be a lengthy wait.

Finding the right Sign World contractor to produce your lobby signs could not be easier. The search engine allows you to choose from hundreds of businesses. All are staffed with credentialed sign makers experienced in producing a wide range of signs.

Written by: Pure Image Signs – Maple Ridge, British Columbia



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