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Thinking of a way to make your grocery store look good? It can be challenging to make design and sign decisions for such a big space, with so many products to sell and so many customers to consider. In our experience, many of our clients have had great success choosing to go big with a wall mural for their grocery store.


A wall mural is ideal for a grocery store, as these spaces are large enough to handle the size and impact of this type of sign. The colors and images you choose can work in harmony with the food products you sell, or contrast to make for an exciting look. Whatever you choose, it will look great in your store and definitely get your customers’ attention.


Our grocery store clients have worked wall murals into their signage in every type of store, from big multi-location chains, to smaller independent grocers. We understand that every client has unique needs, and so we work to make our products fit in with your space, your budget, and your advertising goals.


To create the product that is absolutely perfect for you, we start with a conversation. We always provide our clients with a consultation, and a quote, to determine what they need in a wall mural. From colors to size, to the location of the mural, we work out every detail for your approval before creating the product. When it is perfected and ready, we visit your space to install the completed mural.


The impact of a wall mural in your grocery store is easy to see. These large signs take up a lot of space with all of the branding and images you want, so you can maximize on sending your message to your customers. In fact, with the right images and colors you can actually inspire them to make a purchase. You’ll also be taking advantage of an efficient form of wall covering, as a mural can take less time and expense to install and maintain, versus paint in the same space.


At Pure Image Signs and Graphics, we offer free quotes and consultations, so if you are considering a wall mural for your grocery store, you have nothing to lose. We are pleased to provide you with all of the information you need. Call us today or visit us at our website.


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