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Passengers at airports are often in a hurry, trying to get to departure gates, baggage areas, ticket counters, and other important locations without delay. Even people who are trying to find meals, stores, bathrooms, and other areas of the airport are doing so in a rush to not miss their flights. A good wayfinding sign system can make the difference between a building full of stressed people, and passengers and staff knowing exactly how to get to where they need to be.

When people need to get around, they need clear, easy to read signs that are posted in commonly traveled areas. A good mix of sign formats also helps. Printed permanent signs can point to locations like restaurants, bathrooms, and gates, while digital signs can be changed to read out wayfinding information like which baggage carousel will handle what incoming flight.

When you consider all of the spaces in an airport that may require wayfinding, you’ll come up with a long list. From the general need for wayfinding signs for common spaces, to wayfinding for individual flight carriers, and directional signs for stores and services, there are a lot of parties that could benefit from these informational signs.

The process of purchasing a wayfinding sign from us is simple. It starts with a free consultation and quote, so we are all on the same page regarding what is required of the sign. We gladly offer our expertise in helping you choose the ideal format and materials for your sign. When it is approved and manufactured, we bring the sign to the airport and install it for you.

By working with us to create wayfinding signs, you will benefit from all that our company has to offer, from our experience to our access to premium materials. We want to make sure you get the best value for your dollars, and the best customer experience possible. In turn, your own customers will benefit from an organized and efficient space, and less time getting lost in the airport.

It is easy to get started creating wayfinding signs with us. We offer free consultation and quotes to potential clients, so you can learn more about what we offer. To set up a consultation, connect with us at Pure Image Signs and Graphics by calling us or visiting us online. We look forward to hearing from you!

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