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How a New Sign Can Work for You
A fresh look, a new concept. A second set of eyes are all important from time to time to make sure your business is really sending the message you think it does. If you live in Port Moody or its surrounding areas, then we have got some great ideas for you. A new sign can be an investment that pays off in new customers. Even better, if you are completely in love with the look of your business, a sign can add something new without taking away from your existing vision.
There are so many different types of signs that the sky is the limit when choosing which sign works best for you. So, the first question is not “What are you looking for?” but “Where are you looking for?” If you are looking for a new sign for the front of your building – the sign that carries your name and logo; the sign that entices people to come in – then we have got some ideas that you and your customers will love.
An attached sign is a great choice for a city business. It looks professional and doesn’t take up any valuable sidewalk space. You can attach a sign to an existing sign to provide more information to passersby.
On the flip side, though, a city sidewalk is the perfect place for a café or bistro to place an easel, chalkboard sign that they can list their specials on. This advertises your name and gives your product a chance to entice customers.
A banner sign is perfect for something like a semi-annual sale or a one-time closeout event. Since a banner can be very large, you can draw a lot of attention to your event.
Lighted signs are a smart choice for any business that stays open after dark, especially coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. A lot of individuals who go to these places do so without a clear destination in mind. They plan to choose whatever looks good when they get there. An attractive, well-lit sign can be the defining factor that causes them to choose your place instead of your neighbor’s down the street.
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