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Partial vehicle wraps provide a great visual impact for a fraction of the cost of wrapping the whole vehicle. For small businesses without the budget to wrap an entire vehicle or fleet, a partial wrap offers a good solution.

What is a Partial Vehicle Wrap?
At Pure Image Signs and Graphics, we can help provide the impact of a vehicle wrap with an expertly designed partial wrap. Partial wraps are treatments that work with the color of the vehicle to combine out-sized digitally printed graphics with traditional cut vinyl.
Partial wraps offer high impact visual advertising for your business and/or brand by matching the color of the vehicle, then complementing your logo and/or brand colors. This approach often ends up looking like a complete vehicle wrap.
Many of our clients, attracted to the cost savings of partial wraps, now say that they are equally impressed with their look.
Turning a nondescript service vehicle into a moving marketing tool is smart. It advertises your business anywhere it travels or parks. Many partial wraps use images that seem to leap off the vehicle because they are not constrained by the width of a door or a vehicle shape. Best of all, partial wraps have a long lifespan, providing one of the lowest costs per impression of any other type of sign.

Considerations When Selecting the Right Vehicle Wrap
As a business owner considering whether to select a full or partial wrap, think about the following factors:
1. If you want a full vehicle makeover, then a full wrap is the best option. If you want something striking yet minimal, you may want to go for a partial wrap.
2. If money is the driving factor, a partial wrap can be an excellent solution. Our design staff can customize the graphic to fit your budget.
3. If you want to keep your current vehicle color, you can use a partial vehicle wrap designed to complement the existing color. Conversely, if you want to conceal your vehicle’s original color, and have the budget, a full vehicle wrap will do the job without you having to respray the vehicle or vehicles.
At Pure Image Signs and Graphics, we strive to understand what you want before designing anything for you. We believe that doing this is key to the success of any partnership with a client. Whether you need a partial or a full wrap is less important than understanding your business brand and vision. To get started with the ideal vehicle wrap for your business, get in touch with us today.



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