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Wall graphics are popular in retail settings and restaurants, adding style and visual interest to everything from bookstores to fast food and fine dining. However, that’s not the only place where wall graphics can work.

As a quick, easy, and inexpensive display, wall graphics are just as effective and interesting in places like medical offices, schools, and service providers.

Wall Graphics as Informational Display

Wall graphics are a fun and affordable way to provide wayfinding information, in large scale. If you know your information is not going to change frequently, you can have it printed on vinyl and install it in a lobby or other main area. Any additions or changes can be made as easily as printing and installing a new line or graphic.

For schools, this could be a map of classrooms; for a business office it could be a directory; any company could display contact info or similar details via vinyl graphics.

Wall Graphics as Decor

Wall graphics don’t have to be purely informative! Whether you take colors or images from your branding, print a logo large, or create something else that simply adds atmosphere and style to your space, wall graphics are perfect decor everywhere from boardrooms to hallways.

Decorative wall graphics can be changed with the season, with various campaigns, or with whatever whim strikes your team!

The Perfect Wall Graphics

However you decide you want your wall graphics to be, we can make it happen. Our designers are skilled in matching indoor signs to their spaces to make something unique to your business, whatever type it is. We have worked with clients of all types and can print wall graphics that run the range from whimsical and fun to sleek, modern, and professional.

The sky is the limit for wall graphics. Let our designers know what you are thinking of and we will make sure it fits your space, your branding, and your budget. Our installers can complete the project with our trademark service and care, coming on site to ensure every graphic and every letter is where it should be.

We’re here to help you with selecting, designing and installing your wall graphics, from the initial consultation to installation and any follow-up information or services you might need. Give us a call at Pure Image Signs and Graphics, 604-409-8040 or email [email protected].



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