MAPLE RIDGE, BC — Benefits of Vehicle Wraps for Generating Business

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 Most businesses are recognizing the impact of vehicle wraps as an efficient method of building their brand. People in America are on the road now more than ever. That makes using your business car as a billboard an effective idea for generating business.

Here’s how vehicle graphics are the ideal investment to grow your business identity.

Bypass Restrictions and Influence a Profitable Market

When it comes to billboard placement, timing, and rates, there are possible restrictions and expenses to consider. You can break free from that tyranny, however, by making your vehicle a moving billboard.

With vehicle wraps, you can reach your target demographic more efficiently. “Heavy duty” commuters are more than likely to see your company vehicle wraps and those folks are often employed, have a higher than average income, are middle-aged, and have kids. For many businesses, this is a lucrative market to tap into.

Create a Buzz and Increase Awareness

Most people in Canada have been in an automobile recently. Vehicle branding is inevitably seen by the vast majority of this group. Vehicle wraps are popular because they work.

When people view a product on the side of a trailer, van, or truck, most people assume the truck is delivering the product. Brand recognition improves and, seeing that someone somewhere is making use of this product or service, more and more people start developing trust in your brand.

Spread Ad Dollars Further with Vehicle Wraps

Advertising for a day or two in a newspaper is not cheap. With TV advertising, it can be difficult for advertising representatives to guarantee your advertisements will be seen by the right people in the quantities you would like. On top of that, you need to be concerned with when they’ll air, particularly if you haven’t paid a premium to obtain primetime positioning.

These days, many people use DVRs to skip over advertisements and are now taking advantage of sling-type devices. With vehicle wraps, however, you’ll receive brand exposure 7 days a week, 24 hours a day without interrupting someone’s favorite TV show.

Reach More People More Often

You can achieve tens of thousands of visual impressions a day for every wrapped vehicle within your fleet. That figure rises the more you travel. Using vehicle wraps is a great way to influence the opinion and buying decisions of people in a relevant geographic area. 

For more information on our vehicle wrap products, contact Pure Image Signs and Graphics Inc. today at (604) 409-8040!

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