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Window graphics make the most of one of the chief architectural components of any building. Not only are observers drawn to windows, but they can arouse a natural curiosity to see what lies behind.

Windows then are ideal places to display your message or brand. Placing some signage over windows can restrict the light coming in, but vinyl adhesives provide excellent, practical ways to get around this potential problem.

If you’re worried about shutting out the light, we produce window graphics based on clear or frosted vinyl. Clear vinyl allows you to have large, bright, full-color lettering promoting your brand, without taking up a big chunk of your window. And for that sophisticated look, try using clear letters on a frosted vinyl background.

Using window graphics made of a premium quality vinyl adhesive ensures they both look professional and stay up. There’s nothing worse than seeing a window graphic start to peel from the glass. It reflects poorly on the business. Passersby will question the products or services sold inside if your branding and marketing materials are poor quality.

You can attempt to install vinyl adhesive window graphics yourself, but, if you want peace of mind, it’s better to get a professional to do it. Pure Image Signs and Graphics have years of experience installing window graphics, large and small. We create a perfect, professional finish every time.

By smoothing the vinyl carefully, we ensure that no air bubbles get trapped beneath the vinyl surface. The temperature of the glass and relative humidity are also factors that may affect the installation. A professional installer will know how to respond to site conditions on the day.

We can print vinyl lettering to any size or font. The final results are always crisp and clear. Vinyl adhesive window graphics are easily installed, allowing your business to continue undisrupted. And, at any time, they can be removed or replaced. Our window graphics can be installed on the inside or the outside of the window and removed in minutes.

Cheap to make, vinyl adhesive window graphics can be permanent or temporary. We use only the best UV-resistant inks in our printing processes to prevent fading. They’re also wipe-clean and easy to maintain.

Vinyl adhesive window graphics are some of the most cost-effective signs out there. They serve a wide variety of purposes, including brand promotion and the advertising of weekly deals.

Written by: Pure Image Signs and Graphics – Maple Ridge, BC



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