Maple Ridge -Exterior Signs Hook a Customer Before They Enter

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Whether in your personal life or your business life, first impressions matter. If you end up making a bad first impression, it can take a lot of work to turn a customer’s opinion around. When you own an establishment that people visit physically, the outside is where you make your first impression.

Say, you own a restaurant. You have been in the neighborhood for thirty years. Across the street, is a new restaurant. They have an immaculately landscaped exterior, a bright, eye-ca

When you work with experts, such as the team at Pure Image Signs and Graphics, they will design and create for you an unforgettable exterior sign. At Pure Image Signs and Graphics, for example, we can create any type of signage you are looking for. This may be a large stone monument sign at the entrance to a prestigious university. Or you may be seeking an illuminated channel letter sign, lit-up for the neighborhood with long-lasting VanityGen and cost-effective LED bulbs. Or perhaps a store-front window with newly affixed graphics showcasing your best products. No matter what type of signage you are looking for, we can create the very best version of it for you and your customers.

A barber shop may want a post and pole sign while the town softball field may want a gigantic banner announcing the season opener. A fast food restaurant may want to replace their sign with LED bulbs while the high school may want a banner announcing the track team is going to the state finals.

tching sign, and a cute sidewalk easel out front. Now, your place, on the other hand, has a sign that you have also had for thirty years. It is yellowed, the light is faded, and your sidewalk is bare. Although you have better food, your competitor is creating a better first impression. That could easily result in you losing business to your competitor. However, this is an easy fix.


Whatever you are looking for, we will make it happen with the best materials and the highest level of skill. If you are looking for a new exterior sign, or any sign for that matter, now is the time to call. You may call us at 604-409-8040 or visit us online at

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