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Your Marketing Work Isn’t Over When a Client Walks In

It is tempting to think that your hard work gaining a customer is over once he or she walks in the door. Unfortunately, in sales, the work is never over. The interior of your place of business is often what will give a new customer or client their first impression of your brand. This means, that the inside has to match the outside. The same effort you put into keeping your business fresh and relevant has to go into the interior of your building as well.

If you live in Langley or its surrounding communities then we can help you take your interior signs to the next level.

It’s true, some people will look at old signs and immediately assume that this means that your business is outdated too. Or they may see cracked signs, yellowing signs, or something similar and think if you can’t take care of your own signs then you certainly can’t take care of them.

That may be the furthest thing from the truth, but in business impressions are everything. You want to give the impression all the time that you are the best of the best, from the highest-priced item or service you sell right down to the pens you leave out for signing credit card slips.

One of the most important things that you can do in this matter is to make sure that your brand is represented consistently in all areas. This means that if you re-did your vehicles and changed the color blue in your logo, then you should change your company sign inside your business as well. Brand cohesiveness is a huge deal as it helps build trust as well as brand recognition.

If you have old signs at your business (this would go for outdated furniture and décor too), an updated look can go a long way. It is the kind of thing that people share with their friends and neighbors.

Picture two restaurants, one with a broken neon sign and brown polyester booths and one with a modern LED sign and an up-to-date interior including a customized, branded lobby sign. From looks alone, where do you think these hungry customers are going? A first impression can make or break a business.

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