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Signs are an important part of any business. They are often the first thing a potential customer sees and, for better or for worse, they create a lasting impression.
Have you stepped outside your business lately? How is your signage? Does it need updating? Replacing? Repair? If so, consider making those improvements as soon as possible, because your signs are important emissaries.

Repairing and/or Maintaining Weathered Signs
The best designed and fabricated exterior signs eventually need care. This is especially true in the Vancouver area where weather can play havoc on outdoor signage. You never want your signs to be hard to read, or to create the impression of neglect. Worn signs tend to imply that you do not care about your business or, therefore, your customers.
At Pure Image Signs and Graphics, we value our clients. We know that after developing the ideal sign(s) for your business, it is important to keep them in good shape. This is why we offer repair services as well as design services. We know that well-maintained signs are critical to image and reputation.

Types of Maintenance
When we design and install a sign, we provide your business with all the information relevant to the care and upkeep of that sign. Different types of exposure to the elements interact with sign materials in different ways, so we provide maintenance and repair services for all eventualities.
We encourage our clients to build maintenance costs into their budget. Many costs can be avoided by choosing higher-quality, weather-resistant products from the outset. A sign needs to be maintained throughout its life.
We suggest that our clients consider ease of access for maintenance. Can the signs be opened to access replacement parts? Are there regular routines that our client can set up to protect their signage? Is special equipment necessary or can signs be easily lowered to ground level?
Cleaning your signs regularly keeps your signage looking good and prolongs its life. Well-maintained signs cost less to repair as they age because cleaning away dirt, grime, spider webs, birds’ nests, and ensuring that draining holes are clear greatly extends the service life of your signage.
At Pure Image Signs and Graphics, we know that there are simple steps that our clients can take to keep their signs looking good for a long time. We also know that signs that are designed, fabricated and installed poorly cost a lot more to maintain than those that have been created and installed more thoughtfully. Spending a little more at the outset is not obligatory, but it can often save money in the long run.



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