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Window space is large enough for effective, storefront advertising, and it should not go to waste. The days of merely having just the business name on a window, surrounded by a sea of bare glass, are long past. Likewise, gone are the old-fashioned craftsman who painted advertising directly on window glass.

Modern advertising demands modern techniques, and window graphics with vinyl decals or plastic “clings” can do much to put your business in the public eye.

How Does it Work?

Vinyl decals use adhesive to stick to glass, and once set, cannot be repositioned though they can be removed. Vinyl decals outside resist UV and weathering and can last for 3–4 years. They can also be clear, opaque, or with perforations. Clear decals are clear, aside from where they are printed. Perforated decals are opaque, with holes, to allow those inside to see out better and to allow light inside.

Clings are made of plastic and use static electricity to keep the signage on window glass. They can be made in the same size and designs as vinyl decals. A big advantage to clings is their easy removal and repositioning. However, while clings can be used outside, they do not resist weathering. Outside, they are best used as temporary signs.

What Does it Look Like?

Either vinyl decals or clings look very professional, neat, colorful, and eye-catching. Of course, it’s up to the buyer to make the right choices about colors and contrast. High-contrast colors are usually the most visible to street traffic. Likewise, you may need brightly-colored designs to stand out from tinted glass. If in doubt, ask the vendor for their expertise.

Are There Other Advantages?

The smaller decals and clings are easy to apply. Larger decals and clings, however, may need two or three people. Instructions are usually included with each purchase, but the vendor will apply the signs flawlessly.

Larger opaque or frosted signs can reduce sunlight and overheating in the building, creating more shade. If you’ve just opened for business, but construction hasn’t quite finished, opaque and frosted signs can be used to camouflage work in progress.

There are almost no limitations to styles, colors, pictures, fonts, and sizes available for signs. Your creativity is free to roam.

Should You Use Window Graphics?

You’ll get a good return on investment for a modest sum, and you can rely on Pure Image Signs and Graphics to make this happen.



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