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Are you looking for a specific sign, such as a branded notice that will notify the public of important information about your business, including contact details, hours of operation, and regulatory information? Good news: personalized signs are our specialty.


Let’s say you run a museum and want a sign that aesthetically complements and ties into the architecture and interior design. We will be in our element. Pure Image Signs and Graphics Inc will use our custom fabrication capabilities to create a look that complements the existing design, brand, and goals of your museum.


We can customize any sign you need. Some more common signs include:

  • Wall Signs and Graphics
  • Lobby Signs
  • Enter and Exit Signs
  • Floor Graphics
  • Exhibit Information Signs
  • Directory
  • Directional Signs

If your sign is more unusual than these, don’t worry. We have seen it all, and we have the expertise to provide what you need.

Our team at Pure Image Signs and Graphics Inc is skilled at putting together custom sign packages that meet the needs, goals, and style of your organization.

A library is another example of a potential client that has special needs. Like museums, libraries need signs to help people navigate the space. Wall signs and graphic signs, as well as banners, do everything from naming specific areas to providing reference for non-fiction and fiction literature. Again, the signs can be customized to blend with existing, interior design aesthetics to create cohesion in the space. Exterior signs can be installed that provide visibility to the community and visitors alike.

Professional sign companies also work with colleges and universities to identify effective signage that helps students, staff, and visitors find their way to labeled classrooms, labs, teacher’s offices and other places of interest. School banners, pole signs, and well-placed campus signs are all welcome signage for navigating a campus.

We can provide customized signs for museums, libraries, schools and universities, and any industry requiring signage. That’s because we are a full-service custom sign and graphic design company and we serve the greater Vancouver, BC area. 


Contact us today for all your signage needs. From a single sign to a customized package of signs, our professional, courteous team is looking forward to learning more about your needs and working with you to help you achieve your goals.



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