LANGLEY, BC — What Makes Effective Retail Signage

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At Pure Image Signs and Graphics Inc, serving the greater Vancouver, BC area, we excel at helping businesses create signs that are both informative and inviting.

Good signage brings customers into your place of business, then tells them where to find what they want, as well as introducing them to new products and telling them about current bargains.

The right outdoor signage coupled with the right indoor signage provides your customers with a positive shopping experience and you with repeat customers.

Good entrance signs tell customers a lot about you and your business. Clean, well-maintained signs project a positive image as they announce who you are and what you have to offer. Good outdoor signs create anticipation and expectation. Effective indoor signs fulfill that promise.

Once inside your store, depending on its size, use departmental signs to let your customers know where different products can be found. Banners are great for letting people know specific things like. A simple banner that says: “Ask About Free Delivery Service” can do wonders for increasing sales at a grocery store.


At Pure Image Signs and Graphics Inc, we also know that letters on your signage need to be large enough to read by the customer. We add an inch of height for every 10 feet of viewing distance. A customer viewing a sign from 30 feet away requires the letters to be at least 3 inches tall, in contrasting colors for the font and background. If backgrounds and colors are nearly identical, the sign becomes unreadable.

Sign Condition

As we said above, clean, well-maintained, well-designed signs say that you care about your customers. They project a positive, welcoming image. Hastily handwritten signs with misspelled words or poorly designed signs in distracting, unpleasing color combinations are surprisingly common and give potential customers a negative impression.

There are many types of signs available to your business that promote what you do or sell. Good quality, customized signage suggests that you are excellent at what you do.

How a business presents itself with indoor signs and outdoor signs backed up with window graphics and wall graphics is a subtle, subliminal message to anyone approaching and entering your business. 

A place of business that is well laid out and inviting, with everything easily located, provides a great incentive to customers to return again and again.

Contact us today at Pure Image Signs and Graphics Inc. Together, we will make your business an increasingly popular destination.



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