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When you own a business in places like Maple Ridge or Surrey, and the rest of the greater Vancouver area, you know that your income and your success depends a lot on customers noticing your business. There are different ways to achieve this. You can take out an ad in the paper, you can post flyers all over town, or blanket social media with your presence. You can rent a giant, inflatable gorilla for your roof or employ a dancer to wave at passersby. Yes, all these might work, but using amazing signage is cost-effective, long-lasting, and ticks the box of customer expectation.
Here at Pure Image Signs and Graphics, we understand the power of a well-placed sign and we can create that magic for you. There are many different types of signs to choose from for the exterior of your business.
Awning signs typically go above your doorway and not only offer a classic look but offer pedestrians a way to get out of the rain, encouraging them to venture into your place.
A monument sign is a perfect addition to the front of many buildings. You often see monument signs at business parks, hotels, and restaurants. They can be constructed from multiple materials including stone, aluminum, and wood.
Projecting signs do not project an image, as one might assume, but are attached to the exterior façade of your building and project outwards. They take up very little space but still make a big impact.
One of the great benefits of lighted signs is that they can be seen very clearly day and night over a distance. Installing an illuminated channel letter sign is one way to go. Alternatively, you can have a sign lit from behind. We encourage you to think about an LED sign, too. LED signs resemble the neon signs of old but with longer-lasting, more cost-effective LED bulbs. LEDs signs are also much easier to maintain than neon signs, and they are better for the environment, too.
Now has never been a better time to get the signs that your company needs. Our team of professionals can be reached by calling 604-409-8040 or emailing [email protected]. You can also submit your information for a free quote online at



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