MAPLE RIDGE, BC – Lobby Signs, Creating a Great First Impression

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Lobby signs are big business in Canada. So big, you even get some sign companies specializing in lobby signs alone. At Pure Image Signs and Graphics, lobby signs make up an important part of our business. We understand why they are so popular. They create that all-important first impression for a new client or customer entering your business domain.

Whether it’s a shop, office, restaurant or depot, it’s important for a new customer to feel that he’s come to the right place. New customers have little to go on when they enter a new business domain. Sure, they may have read reviews online or heard of great experiences by word of mouth. But there’s nothing like entering the dragon’s lair and seeing for yourself what service you can expect.

We rely on our instincts to determine whether we’ve made that right decision or not. If the business premises are shabby, look like they haven’t been decorated for a while, then that can make people feel uneasy. Perhaps, the lobby staff looks disinterested and unkempt, too. Now our instincts are questioning why we’re staying in this place. Shouldn’t we just turn and run?

Having a great lobby sign to welcome your visitors can allay fears and doubts that might grow otherwise. It will demonstrate that you take pride in your business and that you care about who you are and what you do.

Lobby signs speak to visitors while they are waiting for staff to do the same. In a restaurant, for example, a lobby sign can provide a delicious snapshot of what’s on offer with high-resolution, full-color imagery. For an accountant’s or attorney’s office, on the other hand, a lobby sign might be like a short but glowing report, displaying the names and qualifications of the professionals in the organization. A dentist’s lobby might have colorful, informative signs that educate visitors while they wait or make children feel at ease.

There are too many different types of lobby signs to go into in this short blog. Pure Image Signs and Graphics can custom-make and install any lobby sign you might wish for. We use high-quality materials that you can rely on to look good and last a long time. And although we have lots of creative ideas if you want to hear them, we always work to your specifications, and with your approval.

For a lobby sign that will transform the atmosphere of your location and show your clients that they have made the right choice, get in touch with us at (604) 409-8040 or email us at [email protected]

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