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Churches need to market themselves. Installing a monument sign is one of the best ways to do this.

A well-crafted monument sign outside a church performs two prime functions.

Use A Monument Sign to Help People Remember God

The first is to remind passersby to think of God, make time to pray, and live by His Word.

With our busy, modern lifestyles, it can be too easy to forget that we are all on a journey inspired by His love. Our daily routine of work and material consumption is secondary to living our lives according to His Word.

Distinguish Your Church from Others

The second function of a church monument sign is to make a distinction between your church and other Christian faiths.

There are many major denominations in Canada, and smaller creeds are plentiful. Churchgoers must feel confident that they are attending the church that is right for them.

With such an important responsibility, the church needs a monument sign that is robust, dignified, and clear. A vinyl banner strung between two poles isn’t always going to cut it.

A church isn’t only a structure made of stone but also a holy shrine. It has been built with sweat and centuries-old craftsmanship. A church stands firm, tested over the years by everything the elements can throw at it; an immovable beacon of God’s love. A church monument sign must do the same, providing an unshakable front in all weathers.

Whatever wording you choose for the monument sign, whether it’s illuminated or not, often the presence of the sign itself delivers the strongest message. Just like Abraham’s 10 Commandments hewn in stone, the church monument sign must provide an unyielding front.

You may choose a marble or granite facade, and an arched cornice as decoration. With a monument sign set in concrete bedrock, flanked by stone or brick pillars, you’ll be sending the message to passersby that, Like God’s love, this church is going nowhere.

A church monument sign shouldn’t only be about steadfastness, however. The text should be friendly and welcoming. Sign phrases like ‘Join Us Sundays’ or ‘You are Always Welcome’ help encourage people to attend.

The monument sign stands as an indispensable part of church infrastructure. It can be as welcoming and as unshakable as the faith of the church itself.



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