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Gone are the days of dowdy, depressing school buildings. Today’s school principals understand that young minds need inspiration to unlock their creativity. By doing so, they can enjoy a better learning experience.

Wall murals are a perfect way to do this. And best of all they don’t involve a screen. Good old-fashioned artwork will stimulate the brain. Pure Image Signs and Graphics specializes in providing only the best and most inventive wall murals for schools.

Our wall murals cover the entire spectrum of educational subjects. We create wall murals for history, geography, math, science, and even sports. The only limit to what is displayed on a wall mural is the human imagination.

For young children, cartoons are popular, especially those illustrating scenes from fairy tales. Older children will love a mural that displays important historical events.

A wall mural is not a static illustration. The best tell stories, through clever placing and time-lining of characters and scenery.

The Bayeux Tapestry in France is the world’s most famous wall mural. It narrates the story of the Norman invasion of Britain in the 11th century. Why not create your own tapestry idea with a wall mural depicting some of Canada’s greatest events in history.

For geography students, a wall mural showing a map of the world helps stimulate thought about Canada’s place in the world. A chemistry laboratory can be turned into something far more inspiring than drab rows of benches with Bunsen burners.

A wall mural of the Periodic Table not only educates students about the elements but brightens up the interior. Adding a dash of color to a schoolroom enhances student productivity and helps get them thinking more creatively.

We make our wall murals from premium adhesive wallpaper. We have large format printing facilities at our workshop and can print out murals in large strips in full color or monochrome. This way, the number of joins can be reduced. And after careful application from our trained installers, even these are not noticeable.

Should you wish to remove the wall mural, this can be done without damaging the paintwork underneath.

Wall murals enliven any school and make for a wonderful, inspirational learning environment. Call us today at 604 409-8040 and let us show you how we can deliver an eye-catching wall mural for you at an attractive price.



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