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When you have a church building, you want your guests to feel welcome. Having lobby signs is a great way to get the message across. When first-time church-goers visit a church, and cannot find where they need to go, they will be less likely to feel comfortable. Newcomers can be nervous of asking for directions. When someone new experiences no problem finding his or her way around, return visits are much more likely.

Lobby signs can be created for a variety of reasons. Thinking about what visitors would need or want to know will help you get the right information up for them. People always want to know which way the coffee is, especially on a Sunday morning! Clear signs to bathrooms and child care spaces are also essential. Further signage for the nursery room, toddler room, preschool-grade school, or elementary school, and high school groups will make a big difference in your visitor’s sense of ease and calm at the gateway.

The very worldly details above are great, but could easily apply to any public space. Church signage also needs to address the immediate spiritual needs of someone coming through the door. A lobby will need signs with your church’s logo or signs with religious quotes you would like made prominent. We can create a sign using your existing logo and are also available to help design other signage as well. Free standing signs for special events are particularly useful in a church setting. You may also need banners to advertise things such as VBS and holiday concerts, or telling guests of a bride and groom where to sit.

Signs are the easiest way to advertise, help customers, and make your building run like a well-oiled machine. We are able to make any type of sign you are looking for. We can create both indoor and outdoor signs. We can create permanent signs or portable and adaptable signs you can alter as your needs change. We can assist with the design, installation, and maintenance of all your signage needs.

Here at Pure Image Signs and Graphics, we know what our clients want, need and expect each and every time. We can help you as well. Don’t hesitate! Give us a call today.

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